Havells Geyser MONZA EC 5S 10 LTR SM WHITE

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Havells Geyser MONZA EC 5S 10 LTR SM WHITE

Brand: Havells
Model: Monza EC 10
Product Warranty: 02 Years
Country of Origin: India
Rated capacity: 10 Liters
Remote controller: NO
Heating indicator: YES
Color: White+Mustard
Installation: Vertical

The Havells brand is known for producing high-quality products, and the Havells Geyser MONZA EC 5S 10 LTR SM WHITE is no exception. This geyser is designed to provide you with a comfortable and safe bathing experience, regardless of the weather outside. We will be discussing the features, benefits, and drawbacks of this geyser to help you make an informed decision.

Design and Build Quality

The Havells Geyser MONZA EC 5S 10 LTR SM WHITE has a sleek and elegant design that blends well with any modern bathroom. The outer body of the geyser is made of high-quality ABS material that is durable and long-lasting. The inner tank is made of high-grade steel that is corrosion-resistant and can withstand high pressure.


This geyser has a capacity of 10 liters, which is suitable for a small family of 2-3 members. The capacity is sufficient for a quick hot water supply for bathing or other purposes. The size of the geyser is compact, which makes it ideal for smaller bathrooms.

Energy Efficiency

The Havells Monza-EC-10 10 Litres Storage Water Heater is designed to be energy-efficient. It comes with a BEE 5-star rating, which means that it consumes less electricity and is more eco-friendly. This feature not only saves you money on your electricity bill but also contributes to a sustainable environment.

Heating Element

The geyser is equipped with a powerful heating element that provides quick and efficient heating. The heating element is made of high-grade copper that is corrosion-resistant and has a longer life. The element is also covered with a glass coating that prevents it from coming in direct contact with water, thereby increasing its lifespan.

Temperature Control

The Havells Geyser MONZA EC 5S 10 LTR SM WHITE comes with a temperature control knob that allows you to set the desired temperature. The knob is easy to operate and provides precise temperature control. The geyser also has a thermostat that ensures that the water temperature remains constant even during voltage fluctuations.

Safety Features

The geyser is equipped with several safety features that make it safe to use. It has a safety valve that releases excess pressure, thereby preventing accidents. The geyser also has a thermal cut-out feature that switches off the geyser in case of overheating. This feature prevents the geyser from getting damaged due to overheating and ensures safety.

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Havells Geyser MONZA EC 5S 10 LTR SM WHITE

Havells Geyser MONZA EC 5S 10 LTR SM WHITE